Why pay up to 40% more at a main dealership for your car to be serviced?

Although we cover more checklist points on a service, we found that telephone quotes for car servicing from main dealers were up to 50% more expensive compared to Stort Mill.

Stort Mill Garage has been servicing and repairing vehicles in Harlow and the surrounding areas for a quarter of a century now.

Our trained technicians and mechanics can offer their expert services and repairs to your vehicle’s clutch, exhaust, tyres, brakes, shock absorbers or batteries.

We always encourage potential customers to compare our services with their main dealer. This way, you can be confident that we will be providing the same level of high quality service.

Whenever time is important, we can book you in a lot sooner than a main dealer.

  • Interim Service from £99.00
  • Interim Service (+MOT) from £139.00
  • Full Service from £120.00
  • Full Service (+ MOT) from £160.00
  • Major Service from £180.00
  • Major Service (+ MOT) from £220.00


Have you got a worrying noise coming from the engine?

There’s no need to continue worrying about it – put your mind at rest and let one of our trained mechanics check it out.

Simply contact us to book your car in for a Free 15-Point Check.


We check your brakes for FREE.

If there is any doubt about the state of your brakes, we provide a no obligation FREE OF CHARGE brake check.

We can check your brakes and, if necessary, we can replace them too.

Book a FREE brake check today!

Diagnostic Code Check

What’s that light on my dashboard? Why is my car not running properly?

Stort Mill Garage has the latest diagnostic equipment to plug into your vehicle’s electronic control system and identify any issues.

You don’t have to go to a dealership to find faults – we can take care of that for you. The majority of modern vehicles can produce a huge variety of fault codes that get stored within the vehicle’s memory system.

Some vehicles have several units, not only to control the engine management but also the brakes, suspension and even the windscreen wipers. Having the correct diagnostic equipment and technical training on fault diagnosis is vital for identifying the correct cause of any issues and preventing further costly component failures.


The exhaust system is one of the hardest working components on your vehicle. It is constantly in use whilst the engine is running. We are highly experienced at checking and fitting. Also, on all vehicles registered after 1993, a catalytic converter is fitted.

Book a Free Check

You can simply book a Free Check – our technicians will inspect your entire exhaust system, and even quote and fit an exhaust at the same time if required (subject to parts being available).