Your vehicle is your lifeline. It gets you where you want to go and when you want to get there. So when your vehicle breaks down don’t take any chances; let the certified experts at Stort Mill Recovery handle the recovery of your vehicle. We have honest, friendly and professional staff who know what to do to make sure your vehicle is assisted or recovered the way it should be.


Let Our Professional Service Take Care of Your Vehicle

Stort Mill Recovery is accredited with the international quality ISO 9001 standard as well as the PAS 43 and PAS 80 standards so you can be sure we are providing the best quality service.

Our services are provided by a dedicated team of experienced and highly-trained roadside assistance, recovery and vehicle rescue technicians who are instructed to be in uniform and carry their IDs with them whenever conducting business. Whether your vehicle has been damaged in an accident, located after theft, vandalized or damaged by fire, our people know how to handle the situation.

We are also agents for local insurance companies, garages, repair centres and body shops.

Our service is round the clock, so it does not matter what time you need us. We will be there for you, 24/7, every day of the week and all year round. We have the right hardware and facilities for the job. Our hi-tech control centre is equipped with the latest Garage Manager and Turbo Dispatch Apex system. All of our recovery and assistance vehicles are installed with a Navman satellite navigation tracking device so we can immediately field our technician closest to your position.


What’s Makes Up Our Fleet?

It does not matter what type of vehicle needs rescuing. Whether it’s your motorbike, automobile, luxury car or even a light commercial vehicle up to five tons in gross weight, we have the right recovery vehicle for the job.

Our rescue and recovery vehicles include service vans with Rapid Diagnostic Test equipment, four-wheel drive assistance support vehicles, 3.5-ton light recovery trucks, 7.5-ton recovery trucks, street lifter recovery trucks, a 15-ton twin deck recovery truck, and also a multiple vehicle transporter truck. We even have a fully demountable recovery vehicle for the most prestigious vehicles you would not want a single scratch on.


Modern Workshop and Secure Facilities

Our work does not end after we bring your vehicle in to our service area. We offer full service during business hours. For beyond business hours we offer basic services like fuel draining if your petrol is contaminated. We also have tyres if you need new ones, no need to wake up the people in the tyre shop, we have a wide range in stock for all types of vehicles.

Rest easy in knowing that your vehicle is safe with us, we have secure storage facilities complete with an alarm system and a 24-hour CCTV security system.


We Have You Covered

We can service the area covering Hertfordshire and Essex with our main base, workshop and storage facility in Harlow. We also have other recovery bases in Stansted, Chelmsford and Ware.

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